#FtheWEF Campaign

Start date: TBC

Campaign Summary

The #FtheWEF campaign aims to raise awareness and reduce apathy amongst the general public about the extreme ideologies of the World Economic Forum and the threat they represent to our way of life. We will be focusing on key topics that resonate most with everyday people, generating media coverage and political pressure on governments to disassociate themslves with WEF agendas.

Key Objectives

This campaign is about driving awareness, reducing apathy, and creating political pressure on governments. We will be focusing on highlighting key emotive ideologies that are being pushed by the World Economic Forum including.

  • Their drive to introduce insects to our food chain
  • Their attacks on private ownership
  • Their war on petrol and diesel vehicles
  • Their attempts to dramatically reduce international travel
  • Their war on farmers and the food industry
  • Their desire to impose social credit systems
  • Their attempts to implement CBDCs
  • Their plans to introduce AI driven censorship of the internet

Campaign Actions

There are a number or actions we will be taking, and encouraging our members to take to drive the #FtheWEF campaign forward. These will include:

  • Engaging high-profile individuals to speak in the media
  • Writing to government representatives asking for their commitment
  • Obtaining high-impact advertising including billboards, TV and print media ads
  • Running a viral social media campaign using the #FtheWEF hashtag
  • Producing #FtheWEF branded collateral that can be worn or placed in public areas
  • Local guerilla campaigns driven by our members
  • Building a signatory list that can be presented to politicians to create pressure