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Are you tired of feeling helpless in the fight against the globalist elites? Then become an ILF volunteer today and become part of something bigger.

To win the fight to protect our freedoms, we must tap into our most significant strength; our numbers. While NGOs like the World Economic Forum may have enormous amounts of funding and politicians in their pockets, we have an advantage they will never be able to overcome. There are more of us. A lot more.

But in order for us to be able to leverage that advantage, we need people to be willing to take action.

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Who are we looking for?

While there are likely to be a great number of ways in which people can contribute in the coming months, for the time being we are focusing on seeking assistance in the following key areas:


One of the biggest challenges we face is raising awareness of our cause amongst the general public on large scale. As a promoter, you would be:

  • Promoting and sharing our literature both online and offline.
  • Using social media to drive attention and traffic to our online content.
  • Inviting others to join our cause and register on our website.


To contact us about becoming a volunteer promoter for the International Liberty Forum Click here.

 PR & Media Outreach

Generating press coverage and features in the media will be critical in creating large scale awareness of our campaign. As a PR & Media outreach volunteer you would be:

  • Reaching out to a variety of media outlets to generate coverage for ILF.
  • Writing press releases for distribution.
  • Contacting bloggers and social media influencers to seek guest posts.
  • Reaching out to journalists to request features.


To contact us about becoming a volunteer in PR & Media outreach for the International Liberty Forum Click here


Having professionally produced, engaging content is crucial for maximising the reach of our campaigns. As a volunteer designer you would be:

  • Designing flyers and printed collateral.
  • Designing PDF brochures and reports.
  • Creating imagery for social media.
  • Designing wearable merchandise.


To contact us about becoming a volunteer designer for the International Liberty Forum Click here


It's essential we keep people up to date with what the WEF are planning and doing worldwide. As a volunteer researcher you would be:

  • Searching for information online to help us combat Great Reset propaganda.
  • Researching information about the WEF that ILF can use in social media posts.
  • Finding solid examples of harmful WEF policies that can be use to create posts and articles.
  • Monitoring for announcements about new WEF activity.


To contact us about becoming a volunteer researcher for the International Liberty Forum Click here