ILF Action Groups: We Made Ourselves Heard Online, Now Let's Take it Offline Too

International Liberty Forum
ILF Action Groups: We Made Ourselves Heard Online, Now Let's Take it Offline Too


**UPDATED: ILF Chapters have been renamed ILF Action Groups. We felt a more descriptive and dynamic name was better fitting.  

Last Wednesday (14th September 2022), we called, and you answered.

We set out to send a message, and the world heard us loud and clear. We stood united and made #FtheWEF one of the most talked about things on Twitter. Thanks to everyone who supported the campaign, we trended for not only the whole of Wednesday evening but also much of the following day. 

Thousands of accounts, big and small, from all parts of the world stood shoulder by shoulder against our common enemy and worked together to create something that no one of us alone could do. We created something special—a united front against the technocratic globalist regime that is the WEF.

We proved we could impact the narrative and make our voices heard. But, not only that, we proved we are a force to be reckoned with.

This success was a solid first step... but it was only one step in many more to come. Now, we must continue onwards, building on our momentum to increase our strength.


But what now?

Well, we've proved we can make ourselves heard online; now it's time to take the battle offline too.

To have a real impact in fighting what the WEF's globalist forces are planning, we need to build on our social media reach and use it to drive real-world action. 
But to do that, we need to get organised. We need leaders… we need you.

ILF Chapters**

To unite our members and grow our mission offline in a connected and cohesive way, we are introducing ILF Chapters. 

These local groups will allow the International Liberty Forum members to meet, interact, and take action on a local grassroots level. Whether it's to work together on distributing campaign materials or strategising on staging local direct action, ILF chapters will be the driving force behind taking our mission forward into the real world.
ILF members will soon be able to join a chapter in their local area or start one and become a chapter leader if one doesn't exist.

Chapter leaders will have a chance to play a pivotal role in our fight against the globalist encroachment of the WEF and become key members of our movement.

We'll be providing more information about you can become a chapter leader soon.

In the meantime, we will continue to push forward with our mission. United, we will beat the WEF and stop the Great Reset from being completed. 
 We refuse to accept a world where your individual rights and freedoms are swept aside in the name of what the WEF considers "the greater good."
 We will not bow to collectivism.

Freedom comes first.