The Path to Defeating The WEF: How We Plan to Fight and Win

Matt Gubba
The Path to Defeating The WEF: How We Plan to Fight and Win


Since founding the International Liberty Forum, there have been a huge number of questions and much speculation on how we intend to fight back against the WEF and the policies it is pushing.
A lot of work has been happening in the background to build the framework we intend to use to achieve our objectives. Below I've laid out the direction and strategy we plan to use in this fight.

The war we're fighting

Whether people realise it or not, we are at war. But, it's not a conventional war fought with bombs and bullets; it's much more insidious.

The WEF is employing a dangerous blend of information and psychological warfare to reshape society and achieve its core objective; The Great Reset.

The worst part? The general public is mainly unaware it's even happening.

Over the past couple of years, we've all witnessed these tactics and experienced their power first-hand. I'm talking about the psychological manipulation that allowed previously unthinkable policies like lockdowns, travel restrictions, masks, and medical mandates to be applied on a massive scale worldwide. 

The fear-driven hysteria generated by government behavioural psychologists not only had people complying with these policies but also voluntarily policing the behaviour of others.

We are already beginning to see these exact strategies deployed again. A prime example is how the WEF is whipping up climate alarmism to drive its net zero agenda and using governments it has infiltrated to implement its policies at an alarming rate. All this, with the support of a public, the majority of whom have been terrified by relentless propaganda designed to convince them the world will end if we don't cut our Co₂  emissions.

What can we do?

To beat the WEF, we will need to fight fire with fire.

We need to build our own politically influential, well-funded, and academically credible organisation capable of defending against the WEF's relentless spreading of propaganda, with sufficient political sway to fight governments' adoption of WEF policies.

Building a movement like this is going to be no small feat. It will be challenging, but it's achievable if we work together en masse. Our tactical advantage lies in our numbers. There are far more of us than there are of them. But, this alone won't help us without targeted and coordinated action.

We will need to approach the fight from several angles if we hope to win the kind of information war the WEF are fighting. A multi-pronged approach.

We'll need to:

  • Raise public awareness & reduce apathy
  • Establish the credibility of our message 
  • Build and leverage our strength in numbers
  • Generate political pressure to abandon WEF policies


Raise awareness & reduce apathy

One of the most significant challenges we face is that a large percentage of the public is either unaware of the WEF or doesn't understand the threat it represents. What we require is a large-scale international awareness campaign that cuts beyond the online echo chambers and spreads out into the real world where it is most needed.

Such an awareness campaign will need to be executed via several simultaneous lines of attack to be effective. The combined effect of running the following strategies in parallel will create a level of noise the public can not ignore.

International billboard and advertising campaigns:
One of the ways we plan to reach the public directly is to buy advertising space to share our message at scale. We will cover buses, bus stops, trains, benches, magazines, and billboards. We aim to hit every major city with an absolute blitz, from Times Square in New York to Piccadilly Circus in London.

Mass flyer drops:
We plan to get people on the ground in every major town and city around the world, distributing flyers, stickers, and other promotional material. This will tie into and accelerate the next part of our strategy.

Online video content distributed using QR-codes:
Producing a series of emotionally charged short videos featuring celebrities explaining how the various policies the WEF are pushing will destroy their quality of life and their kids futures.

It will focus on topics most likely to concern and upset the average person, things like having the meat in their diet replaced with insects, being forced to downsize their homes, and having everything they do and spend monitored by the government.

The key to distributing this en masse while avoiding big tech censorship will be to use a QR code that links to the series and host it on private servers outside the reach of the censors. We will place the QR code on our physical promotional materials, including adverts on buses, trains, benches, flyers, and magazines. We will even use stickers that our members will distribute on a vast scale throughout towns and cities in guerrilla fashion. It will then be as simple as people scanning the QR code using their phones to watch the videos.

This strategy will make it very difficult for big tech and the media to block, and the very nature of it will definitely mean that it gets people talking, to the point of it coming to the attention of the mainstream media (even if they ignore it).

Public demonstrations:
One of the most tried and tested ways of generating enormous attention for a cause is to carry out large-scale public protests. We've seen this strategy work all over the world in different ways, be it the Canadian truckers, the French yellow vests, the Dutch farmers, and even (as much as I dislike them) Extinction Rebellion in London. In all cases, they achieve significant global awareness of their cause. We aim to put something comparable together in cities around the world. We will coordinate these via the international network of offline groups we are currently building (more about this later).

Viral social/thunderclap campaigns:
One of the positives about how social media and its algorithms work is that it creates the perfect vehicle to launch a viral campaign.

By using a specific campaign hashtag (which we will place on all our physical promotional materials), we can orchestrate regular "thunderclap" campaigns. What does that mean? Essentially, we will pick pre-set dates and times where we ask our whole network of tens of thousands to post to our campaign hashtag simultaneously.

Doing this will allow us to quickly propel our message to the top of the trending topics on any platform we want, using the big tech algorithms against them to spread our message.

Establish the credibility of our message

One of the reasons the World Economic Forum can spread its ideology so effectively is because it utilises "experts" and scientists to back up its policies and sell them as being "good for us". We've all seen how powerful this can be in convincing the general public to comply. Just look at how governments convinced billion of people to wear facemasks in public simply by employing a few scientists to tell us it was a good idea.

We will be using their strategy against them. We're currently building a panel of highly qualified, world-renowned experts to add scientific backing and credibility to all of our anti-WEF messaging.

We then intend to create our own "fact-checking" service to combat the ridiculous misinformation the current big tech and big-pharma-owned services like Reuters Fact Check (which has links to Pfizer and the WEF) are pumping out.


Build strength in numbers

Strength in numbers sits at the very core of our strategy. We are many, and they are few, and this is something we can use to our advantage. Whether it's distributing information, putting on demonstrations, or raising funding for projects, we dramatically outnumber them.

We will be placing significant efforts into building both online and offline communities. We are currently developing our online membership system, which we will host on our website. We will then use it to connect people and drive the creation of local offline ILF meetup groups in towns and cities worldwide.

Creating a cohesive membership and community away from social media will play a vital role in building our united strength.

As our community grows, we plan to hold a high-profile annual summit similar to but of an opposing nature to that of the WEF. Think of it like an "anti-Davos".

We'll also engage with organisations and businesses aligned with our mission to create a federation-type alliance. Again, this dovetails into the next element of our strategy.

Apply political pressure

The combined effect of huge public exposure and a vast alliance of members made up of individuals and organisations creates arguably the most crucial ingredient; the ability to exert real political pressure on governments.
When large, concentrated, well-funded groups pressure governments, they listen. Why? Because they want their votes, and they want to court their potential donations.
We intend to use this fact to lobby political parties and individual politicians and pressure them into dropping their affiliations with the WEF. 

We'll also be working to build alliances with politicians who are opposed to The Great Reset and what the WEF represents.
Ultimately all politicians and governments fear the loss of power. So, by threatening to focus the might of our membership on attacking and disrupting the re-election campaigns of politicians who refuse to renounce the WEF, we can have a real shot at turning up the heat on the WEF and blocking their policies.