FtheWEF: It’s Time to Send a United Message

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FtheWEF: It’s Time to Send a United Message


As many of you will know, one of the biggest challenges we face in our battle against the WEF is a lack of public awareness about who the World Economic Forum are and apathy about the threat they represent.
That’s why we established early on that the first step in our mission would be to “Raise public awareness & reduce apathy” (see our post laying out the path to defeating the WEF).
In the long term, we will need to run large-scale, online and offline awareness campaigns to make everyday people aware of the WEF and get them talking about it. 

But, we need to begin somewhere.

So, let’s get started.


We want our first campaign to use a concise, catchy, yet descriptive hashtag, which we will use to drive online conversations, and ultimately feed into our offline activities—what better way to do that than by saying, FtheWEF.

We plan to kick off the campaign on Wednesday, the 14th of September, with a Twitter thunderclap.

How do we create a thunderclap? 

By asking all our members and supporters to simultaneously post on Twitter using the hashtag #FtheWEF, we can use the Twitter algorithm against them to spread our message.
By generating a high volume of Tweets containing the #FtheWEF hashtag in a short period, we aim to make #FtheWEF a trending topic, pushing it to the forefront of social platforms for millions of users.
But for this to work, we must work together on a united front; we can’t do it without you.
So, here’s what to do:

On Wednesday, 14th of September, starting at 6 pm UK time (for other timezones, see below), we need everyone to create or schedule Tweets containing the hashtag #FtheWEF.

Here are the starting times in various timezones:

CEST: 7 pm

ADT: 2 pm
EDT: 1 pm
CDT: 12pm
MDT: 11am
PDT: 10am

What should I post?

Well, that’s up to you as long as it contains the hashtag #FtheWEF. But, we would recommend it’s something that expresses your disapproval and highlights why the WEF are a problem.

And remember, the more tweets, the better. 

Not sure what to Tweet? Just copy and paste the following:

I refuse to:
- Give up my car
- Eat insects
- Own nothing
- Use a digital ID
- Use CBDCs

I will not allow the World Economic Forum to steal my future.

It will be a long battle; this is just the first step. But remember, we can, and we WILL beat them.