Time to Take it Offline; Tips For Running an ILF Action Group in Your Local Area

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Time to Take it Offline; Tips For Running an ILF Action Group in Your Local Area


Building cohesive regional communities that can drive awareness of issues locally and push our message out into the real world will be a crucial part of the fight against the globalist agenda the WEF is pushing.
That's why, in line with our published path to defeating the WEF, we've recently launched ILF Action Groups. These localised community groups are run by ILF members, for ILF members. They allow anyone with a passion for freedom to become a leading voice in the fight against globalist control. 

We believe that by creating a decentralised network of ILF Action Groups around the world, we can take away the power of big tech to break our lines of communication via social media suspensions and censorship.

The internet and social media have acted as powerful tools to connect freedom fighters with a common purpose from all over the globe. But we can only win a battle like this by taking our newly formed online relationships and connecting offline, where we are outside the reach of big tech.

Should I Start my own ILF Action Group?

Without Leaders, there can be no Action Groups. For local grassroots action to work, we need people willing to join us in leading the fight.
So if your town doesn't already have an ILF Action Group set up, and you are passionate about helping to lead the fight against the WEF, we encourage you to start one. 
Becoming an ILF Action Group Leader is your chance to become a prominent member of the resistance against globalism in your local area. You will have the full backing of the International Liberty Forum and the ability to use the ILF brand as a platform to carry out local activities. 

Building Numbers in Your ILF Action Group

Once you've started your group, the first step is to attract others to join it, whether existing ILF members or other freedom fighters keen to fight the WEF.
When you start a new action group, we will notify other ILF members in the local vicinity, suggesting they join. But there are several actions we recommend you take to grow the numbers within your group: 

  • Share a link to your action group on your social media profiles inviting people to join
  • Post a link to local community groups online (for example, local Facebook groups)
  •  Invite your personal contacts to join your group by sending them a link to your Action Group
  •  Post a welcome message on your Action Group profile on the ILF website, introducing yourself and asking new members to do the same. 
  • Create a Telegram channel for your Action Group's members to generate engagement

Recommended Activities for Running a Successful ILF Action Group

The point of ILF Action Groups is to create a decentralised network guided by ILF members themselves. We do not want to micromanage or dictate how you should run your groups in your local community, but we do have some suggestions to get the most from them.
  • Run regular meetups – whether in a coffee shop, a park, or another public place; arranging physical meetups where you can connect with your fellow Action Group members in real life will be critical. While it's up to you how often you want to meet, we'd suggest getting together in person at least once a month.
  • Ask your Action Group members to invite new people. The goal is to grow the number of members in each group continually.
  • Plan local activities together. For example, arranging local demonstrations or going out together in groups to engage with people in your community. 


How to Get Started

 Getting started is simple if you're a member of the International Liberty Forum. Just head over to our website at https://thelibertyforum.org/action-groups and click the link to start an Action Group.

If you’re not already a member, but you want to start or join an ILF Action Group, then you can join us by visiting https://thelibertyforum.org/join

United, we WILL stop the WEF and beat globalism.